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Crystal Fuse

We are researched backed organization that cares about your growth success.

At Crystal Fuse we help health care, complimentary and alternative medicine practitioners to grow and reach their ideal clients by developing websites that are meant for your clients.

Crystal Fuse  Web Solutions Philosophy

Our Philosophy

There is no such a thing as a perfect website formula, there is however a perfect client for any business. Our mission is to reach those clients by making your website like it was built for your clients. Like Cinderella and her glass slipper.

Crystal Fuse  Web Solutions , Our Culture

Our Culture

We are not your everyday, black suite, white shirt kind of people. Although when it comes to your porject we are all, Numbers! Numbers! Numbers! When it comes to your business we are all, Colors! Colors! Colors!

Crystal Fuse  web solutions, our mission

Our Mission

We will pick you clients brains for you, understand them for you and get to know them for you. As a numbers oriented organization, we believe that every single one of our clients must see ROI and we are out there to deliver it.

We Know The Struggles and Obstacles that Health Care and Alternative Medicine Professionals Face in Marketing Their Practice.

In pursuit of delivering the best ROI we provide our clients with data and analytics that would help them understand and operate their business.

We understand that your business needs more then just a helping hand. We will give you the necessary tools and strategies to market your business going forward that is backed by analysis and data.

We Will start by learning everything there is to learn about your business, after that we will find your customer, understand your customer, pick the brains of your customers and finally convince your customer that you are their solution.

Crystal Fuse is a Web Development & Marketing agency with focus on helping Health Care and Alternative Medicine practitioners in creating convertible, beautiful and high quality websites.
We provide data driven conversion oriented web-pages and marketing campaigns, tailored to health care practices.
At Crystal Fuse , we are not here to pitch beautiful words and waste your or our time. We provide research and analytics driven solution to professional that do not have the time to waste and we back up our results by numbers.
At Crystal Fuse we strongly believe that every professional must know their trade and our clients must know the ins and outs of their own organization. We will tune up your bike (website) and oil your gears(marketing strategy), whenever needed.

Who Can We Help?

We help primary care practitioners, specialty clinics and complimentary medicine practices to grow, fast!

  • Family Doctors & Specialty Clinics

  • Magnetic Field Therapists

  • Energy Therapists

  • Herbal Medicine Practitioners

  • Massage Therapists

  • Reiki Practitioners

  • Acupuncture Therapists

  • Occupational Therapy

Our Services

Web Design

Modern Website Design with a focus on healthcare sales conversion.

Graphics Design

Logo and advertising design that is created to emphasize your mission and philosophy.

CMS Development

We create and use content management systems that can increase your effeciency.

Native Development

We develope custom websites using both CMS's and native programing languages.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO that is tailored to your business services and focused on your clients search.

Social Media Marketing

There is no better way to communicate with you clients than by using social media.

Paid Advertising

We find your clients and promote your business to people that need you.

24/7 Support

Have no time to amnage your website, tackle server issues or update new info. No problem!

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Message From The Founder

If it's hard it doesn't mean it's impossible.

Hayk Will Karapetyan

Founder & Director

Will has created Crystal Fuse as a legacy to his years of experience in web development, business development and marketing industry.

The success of an organization is determined by the principals that this organization carries, coupled with the ability to convey those principals to people that understand and appreciate those principals the most. Just like there is no point in feeding a turkey to a vegetarian, there is no point in exhausting oneself in trying to make ever person out there like you. Let us hear about your company, let us understand who you are and let us find the people that want to learn more about you.

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